Self Confidence

Some people are born with it but for me it is starting to develope as I grow alhamdulillah.
Born with Cerebral Palsy –
(for those of you who dont know what Cerebral Palsy is its a neurological condition and is caused by a problem in the part of the brain responsible of controlling muscles – in my case I was born very premature and had a lack of oxygen which resulted in having  the most common form which is Spastic Diplegia which affects my legs).

Growing up I found it very hard to love myself and to accept that this is how Allah chose me to be..I was very self conscious about myself whenever we had guests I would just stay in my room until they left. School was a nightmare I got bullied alot and the weird looks didnt help either but college was good, people didnt really care about how I walked they were very friendly which was nice for a change and that really helped my confidence, I didnt care about what other people thought of me anymore, I  began to talk more and didnt just shy away from people, made a good group of friends alhamdulillah.

I am now in my 20’s and alhamdulillah my confidence has improved alot over the years the weird stares no longer bother me – saying that I still do have bad days where I just wish I was “normal” wish I could wear stylish shoes, high heels like everyone else. *sigh*

Its hard but I try to stay positive I keep telling myself Allah loves me and I am here to please Allah not his creation -reciting the Qur’an has also helped me be more positive specially Surah ad Duha whenever I recite or listen to it I get a feeling which I really cant explain..a good happy feeling alhamdulillah.

With the negatives there are also positives – having Cerebral Palsy has made me more stronger, determainted and humble as a person.

I am no longer ashamed and I wouldnt have it any other way. Alhamdulillah for everything! 💖

I love reading your comments and interacting with you guys, so share your thoughts and suggestions in the comment section below on how you boost your confidence. πŸ™‚


28 thoughts on “Self Confidence

  1. Allah Allah, may He make your struggle easier on you, amiin. If it makes you feel anybody, I don’t wear heels! πŸ™‚ I love flats. Trainers btw are my greatest friends. I find heels a bother these days to be honest ;). Lots of love and duas your way, amiin!

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  2. Assalam alikum.
    Allah does not burden anyone beyond ones capacity.
    Yes at times we do feel down. Think of all nice things to smile through your blues. I was infertile for 6 years of my marriage. I used to console myself with..
    Hurray. Allah has saved me from delivery pain!
    Children are test from Allah! Good ridden! I’ll score full there πŸ˜‰
    Masha Allah it’s an honour to be tested like Ibrahim and zakaria AS. (I love Zakaria As in a way I can’t explain)

    Then I had kids. I am thankful now and for those infertile days. Allah knew I needed them too!

    Anything we long for, we will get it even better- in Jannah.

    Your patience will be rewarded here and in next world. Ah! You are better of without heals. I wonder why women wear them! It is making us less productive. It’s inconvenient. I love shoes πŸ™‚ productive lady like you would have loved it too.

    Love you dearly.

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    1. Wa alaikum as salam.
      Yes Allah does not burden anyone beyond ones capacity, I need to start thinking more positively and stop with the negativity insha’Allah.
      Masha’Allah thank you for your kind words πŸ™‚

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  3. May Allah reward for for every second’s discomfort! I’m so glad you found your strength and the will to carry on despite your challenges. You are already standing tall and proud in my eyes, so no need for those silly heels anyhow ;-). P.S I hate heels, and could never carry them off without feeling I would tip over.

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  4. Mashallah! This was an amazing post. I am so inspired but your perseverance. I would love to tell your story to my children as a reminder that you can overcome any obstacle if you just stay strong and have faith. You go girl!

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  5. Alhamdulillah we are Muslims.

    There’s a hadith which carries wordings including…; ”No white is superior to black, nor Arab over non Arab…”

    And in much the same way, Allah doesn’t look at your fashion style or physique – the only criteria for earning His Pleasure and Jannah is by TAQWA. Sooo let’s rethink our purpose and strive hard for that insha Allah.

    Confidence comes from deep within – set a positive vision, have positive intentions and use positive words. And of course, always keep the Qur’an close to you heart.

    This life is a journey so make your journey with increasing dose of confidence day by day…

    Btw… ***I can’t stand heels****

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  6. Heels are overrated anyway! Have you seen the damage they can do to your feet?? Don’t know why women do that to themselves!

    Masha’Allah glad you have overcome the initial difficulties and have grown in confidence. In sha Allah I hope your confidence continues to grow x

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  7. Salam. We all strive hard to gain self confidence despite being born with special conditions or not, especially in the society right now. However, it is our attitude towards the hardships that make us less confident that shapes our outlook in life.

    I am glad that you are able to overcome these hardships. You are truly an inspiration. Continue being strong and sharing your story. There are people around the world who needs uplifting. Somehow, you give us all hope. ❀

    Much love from the tropical Philippines~!

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