5 Ways To Beat The Winter Blues

As salam o alaikum/Hi
I’m back! How are you all?

I’ve seemed to have catched the ‘Winter Blues’ this winter- the days are short and the nights are long, the cold weather just makes me want to hibernate under the duvet. But I’m feeling a lot better now alhamdulillah.

For anyone who’s in a similar situation here are my 5 favourite ways to help beat the winter blues:

1. Read A Good Book.

I love how I can just escape on a sunny vacation through a book for a few

2. Take Up A New Hobby.

I’ve always been into arts and crafts but never really bothered to try anything. But I’ve been watching loads of mixed media art tutorials on youtube lately which motivated me to start creating and putting all the creative ideas in my head down on a canvas -I find it very relaxing.

3. Stay Active & Eat Healthy.

In this time of the year the cold weather makes me want more heavy meals instead of lighter more ‘healthier’ meals and the thing I struggle with most is drinking water – i’d rather be sipping on my hot cup of tea.

Being this way was making me feel more lazy, lethargic and just generally down all the time..I thought to myself I need to change, I started exercising every mornings – nothing too intense just a stretching exercise before breakfast, I cut down on my cups of tea and started drinking more water, I started eating  ‘healthier’ -more vegetables instead of pizza’s – I still have takeaways now and then but I’ve learnt to keep it balanced.

These few changes made a whole lot of difference -I didnt want to hibernate under the duvet, I felt more motivated, and generally more happier.

4. Fresh Flowers.

I love.. love.. love.. flowers. Flowers just make me so happy -I cant explain the feeling.. Winter is just so cold and dull – I like to have fresh colourful flowers around my house this helps boost my moods alot.

5. Go Out.

I find it difficult to go outside in this cold weather, I’d rather be snuggled on the sofa with my blanket. I’ve been forcing myself to get out and have been going on short walks – getting some fresh air helped to clear my mind. It also made me feel refreshed, energised and motivated for the rest of my day.

So, these are my 5 favourite ways to beat the winter blues I hope they work for you..If you have any tips of your own be sure to leave them in the comments! 🙂


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