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Thinking About Writing A Short Story..

As salam o alaikum/Hi guys!

Hope you’re all well insha’Allah.

I have always thought about writing a short childrens book about cerebral palsy and how it’s ok to be different but I’ve always put it off struggling on how to start or thinking my writing isn’t good enough.

 I shared my thoughts with a good friend of mine and came to know that she also has thought of writing a childrens book about cerebral palsy and suggested we work together which I thought was a great idea- as we both have cerebral palsy ourselves I have found it so much fun working together and sharing ideas etc.
We would appreciate any tips you may have, feel free to leave them in the comments below. πŸ™‚


14 thoughts on “Thinking About Writing A Short Story..

  1. As a medical student, during my paed shift, there were a lot of cerebral palsy cases, although most of them were of the severe cases. It’d be great for children to read books regarding Cp and have better understanding of it at a young age too.

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  2. Aww Mashaa-Allah, I would love to read the short story. I myself suffer from many illnesses and I’ve always been ashamed of being “different” , so I think a story like this would be inspiring to many. Keep us posted inshaa-Allah. Xxx

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  3. Assalamoalaikum! Thanks to your comment I found your blog. It looks pretty and refreshing!

    My brother has CP too so I have seen it closely, and I think it is a great idea to write a story about it. I would love to know if you do!

    All the best,

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